Sunday 11 August 2013


Various mentions can be found on this website to the LSJ - and a glance at my CV will show this is an organisation I have been involved with for a number of years.
I don't have any specific financial interest in promoting the school - it's just that my long involvement with both the distance-learning and attendance courses has convinced me of the worth of its training for many aspiring journalists.
Having studied the other pages on this site, it could be worth looking at the LSJ site in more detail if you fall into any of the categories below. More information about past students' achievements can my found on the sister blog:
DISTANCE-LEARNING: There are other training courses advertised on the web, but the LSJ is the longest established and most reputable, with students all over the world, a strong team of professional tutors and a successful track record over the years. Uniquely, it also now offers a two-year online training option which allows students anywhere in the world to tackle the same syllabus offered to those attending the postgraduate courses in London.
SUMMER SCHOOL: Every August around 60 individuals of all ages from around the world gather in Maida Vale for an intensive month-long study course offering many of the benefits of the postgraduate course in a compressed timescale, with daily lectures and practical writing assignments.
POSTGRADUATE COURSES: Although the other pages on this site highlight training options for those with a clear idea of what area of journalism they wish to specialise in, the LSJ offers intensive postgraduate diploma courses geared for students who are able to study over different timeframes.
The three-month course is aimed at those able to dedicate themselves to full-time study, starting in January, April and September.
The six-month course is suited to those who require more free time during the week for other working or work experience commitments, or who feel the longer period of study is better suited to their personal or language needs. Courses start in January and September.

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